Scenic Flights in a Seaplane


Baltic Seaplane is certified by the Aviation Authority of Schleswig-Holstein

Let your friends and relatives join on a Scenic Flight and get the unforgettable experience of a seaplane ride. We also offer vouchers as a special gift – book now and receive the voucher by mail or e-Mail – the special gift for Christmas, weddings or just for a special friend. Vouchers are also available as “last minute” presents and you receive them by priority mail or just print out the e-Mail you will receive.



Scenic Flight

The Flight takes off from our sea base in Flensburg Sonwik and lasts about half an hour. The flight takes you past the Naval Academy, the Danish islands in the fjord, past the peninsula of Holnis the the Gelting bight before the aircraft returns to the sea base for a safe landing.




The seaplane departs the sea base Flensburg Sonwik for a short flight to the Danish “Ochseninseln”. Next to the island you will experience a water landing and the aircraft will “beach” at the romantic island. There you will have time to walk ashore, explore the island and relax in the small Café. After this stopover the aircraft will return to our sea base.




The seaplane departs from our sea base at lake Plau just at the “Falk Seehotel”. You will see the small town of Malchow, the Fleesen and the Kölpin lakes. From there you have a spectacular view of the Müritz, the second largest lake in Germany. After passing the town of Lebbin the seaplane will smoothly touch down on Lake Plau.



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